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Blackboard 9.1 Faculty Tutorials

Communication and Collaboration

The following will help you utilize the many collaboration tools available in Blackboard 9.1.

Using the Discussion Board
Creating a Discussion Board Forum Tutorial
Creating a Discussion Board Thread Tutorial
Replying to a Discussion Board Thread Tutorial
Grading a Discussion Board Forum or Thread Tutorial  
Searching the Discussion Board and Collecting Posts Tutorial
Moderating Discussion Board Forums Tutorial
Using Rubrics Tutorial Movie
Managing Group Work
All About Groups Tutorial
Creating Groups Tutorial  
Managing Groups Tutorial
Creating Group Assignments Tutorial
Grading Group Assignments Tutorial
Best Practice: Group Assessment Tutorial  
Blogs and Journals
Creating a Blog Tutorial Movie
Editing and Managing Blogs Tutorial   
Grading Blogs Tutorial
Creating a Journal Tutorial Movie
Editing and Managing Journals Tutorial
Grading Journals Tutorial  
Creating Wiki Pages Tutorial Movie
Creating Wiki Topics Tutorial   
Editing and Managing Wikis Tutorial
Grading Wikis Tutorial  
Best Practices: Wikis in Action Tutorial
Announcements, Email, and Calendar
Using Announcements Tutorial Movie
Sending Email Tutorial Movie
Using the Calendar Tutorial  Movie