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Blackboard 9.1

Blackboard is a learning management system used by RUC to develop and organize online components of a course. Every course utilizes Blackboard in some way. Courses are identified by a four letter prefix, followed by a course number and then a section number:

Example: NURS301-01 would be Nursing 301, section 1

The preferred web browser for use with Blackboard 9.1 is Firefox (latest version).  If you need to install Firefox on your personal device, click here for step by step instructions.

Logging Into Blackboard

IMPORTANT NOTE: Radford University Carilion students, faculty, and staff will continue to use Blackboard through the spring 2020 semester. Your Blackboard account is separate from your Radford account, so the username and password are different. If you are a new student, faculty, or staff member, you should have received an email containing your Blackboard account information. This email would have been sent to your Radford email address. If you did not receive the information or cannot find it, please contact the Radford Technology Assistance Center (540-831-7500).

Blackboard Resources

Blackboard Regular Maintenance Window

**Weekly updates are applied each Friday morning from 2:00 AM – 6:00 AM.

During this time frame your activities may be disrupted. Use caution working in Blackboard during the maintenance window and refrain from high risk activities such as taking quizzes/tests or completing assignments.