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Academic Integrity

What is Academic Integrity?

It is important that the choices you make as a student at Jefferson College are those of integrity and responsible behavior.

We set high standards for our students and expect that your performance reflects your best work. Occasionally, you might feel stressed out and overwhelmed with your course work.  You might be juggling a family at home, a full time career, friends, and social activites, all while trying to do your best in your classes.  You might find yourself working on several assignments due at the same time, cramming for tests, or rushing to finish projects .  However, no matter what level of stress you may find yourself under, Jefferson College expects you to approach your work with honesty and integrity.

Honesty is the foundation of good academic work. Regardless of the project, assignment, paper, or test that is being completed, there is never an excuse to partipate in plaigarism, cheating, unapproved collaboration, or any other form of academic dishonesty.

The Jefferson College Academic Honor Pledge

The Jefferson College Honor Pledge is: "I will not cheat, lie, steal nor tolerate those who do".

The Jefferson College Academic Honor Code

The College expects students to exhibit high levels of integrity in all activities.  The College reserves the right to deny admission to or remove students from any program if they have a record of misconduct or demonstrate behavior that would jeopardize their professional performance.

Every faculty member and student is responsible for assuring academic integrity at the College.

It is the student’s responsibility to know what constitutes academic dishonesty, cheating or plagiarism. Ignorance of policy, code, or standards is not an excuse. If students are uncertain they should seek the advice of the instructor. Students should consult the Jefferson College Student Handbook for more information about academic dishonesty.