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Student WiFi Options

As a student at RUC, you have the ability to connect to your own wireless network.  The RUC_Wireless network is recommended for faculty, staff and students. For more information, see the table below.

Wi-Fi Connectivity      Required Info for Connecting
RUC_Wireless (preferred network)   Uses Radford Internet connection and firewall. RUC account username
and password
Eduroam   Uses Carilion Internet connection and firewall. RUC email address (username@radford.edu
and password
Carilion Public WiFi Stays connected for 1 hour Any active email address

Are you able to connect to Wi-Fi, but you have been kicked out? Here's some quick tips!

Move to another location

  • If you are in a room, try moving to another part of the room the signal may be stronger to reconnect the Wi-Fi.
  • If there is another person who is connected to the Wi-Fi, move to that area.

Walk to another area of the room

  • If moving to another part of the room does not help, exit the room and walk to one end of the hall.
    If you are still unable to reconnect, walk to the other end of the hall where the signal may be stronger.

Restart your device

  • Restarting your device may provide it with a clean slate to reconnect.

Clear your cache and cookies

  • Clearing the cookies that have been stored, your browser, form and download histories may provide you with a clean slate to reconnect.
  • This site provides instructions on clearing your cache and cookies in web browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

 Still having trouble?  If you need additional assistance, contact us!